Vuw Academic Collective Agreement

The objective of this policy is to define the rules for student leave pay. PDF Displays We have created a series of longitudinal data that allows us to monitor changes in the outcomes of collective bargaining. As the contracts expired, the Centre became involved with the supplier parties and requested a copy of the renegotiated agreement. The CLEW collective agreement database contains the most comprehensive data on conditions of employment in New Zealand. Since 1992, the Centre has been bringing together the employment contracts of New Zealand employers and trade unions. Documents relating to academic rules governing admission, registration, graduation, teaching and learning, postgraduate studies and changes to courses and curricula are included in the Student and Academic Policy section. These procedures define the obligations that the university requires in identifying and responding to allegations of child abuse and neglect. View PDFs This policy ensures that students` workloads are fair, sustained and manageable, and that the required course time allows a student with average ability to obtain a passport. From October 2014 Pdf Pdf Pdf This directive sets out the context in which security services are provided in university districts. From: November 2008 See LESPDF . This policy sets the expectations of the university`s management and the likely reactions to student protests for protesters and other members of the university community. From November 2007PDF View PDF This directive sets out the general conditions applicable to the use of passenger vehicles in higher education. See pdf If you want to explore the facets of your organization, contact the Centre for Employment, Employment and Work to find out if we can help you with specialized advice and/or project management.

We are able to provide information to researchers and practitioners: this manual outlines the university`s policies and processes for approving new courses and programs as well as modifying existing courses and programs. Check PDF procedures to inform employees and people on sick leave to validate the university`s systems and procedures for managing these leave. View PDF This policy provides a framework for university travel and instructions for the process for regular, necessary and reasonable travel expenses. See PDF The directive aims to identify and assist suicidal students and provide more effective interventions and support after suicidal behaviour. From: October 2014 PDF Displays PDF This policy provides a framework for employees around the donation and receipt of gifts and koha on behalf of the university. View PDF This policy provides protocols for a safe and healthy environment for all employees and students who participate in off-campus activities. From: August 2009PDF See this policy confirms the commitment of Victoria University in Wellington to provide employees, students and visitors with a safe and healthy environment. From: April 2016 PDFFViseur PDF This directive sets out the framework of the BCM, the responsibilities and principles for preparing and effectively achieving strategic objectives in times of major crisis. As of March 2010View PDF This policy entrusts the responsibility of ensuring that the precise records of the university`s activity are maintained and disposed of in a controlled manner. From: August 2013Pdf See this status This status provides a framework for the use of network and information systems, including violations of this status, the status of student behavior and student behavior policy. Showing PDFs The purpose of this policy is to contribute to the achievement of the university`s core ethical values and to promote an environment in which sexual harassment is unacceptable.

From: February 2020PDF See PDF This policy describes the provision of support and housing to enable students with disabilities to demonstrate their skills, to participate in university life.

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